Privacy & Cookies

True Curriculum (TC) does not use cookies.


TC is only interested in as much data collection as is needed to make a workable and effective user experience.  The information that TC collects about users will not be shared by TC with third parties for commercial purposes.

For those who have an account on the TC Unicorn app, the information TC collects is used for purposes including but not limited to helping others to improve and personalize tutoring sessions; facilitating communication between teachers, tutors, and students; and the administration of a tutoring program.

Types of information that TC could collect and have access to regarding a Student or Tutor could include (but are not limited to) the following examples: their name, their grade, their school, the areas of needed help (for a Student), the areas of skills (for a Tutor), the number of hours of tutoring that has been delivered or received, etc.

The overall Administrator of the TC Unicorn app for an organization (such as for a school) who enters the Students, Tutors, and Teachers into the system will have access to their data.  There may be others, such as those entered as Teachers within the organization, who also have access to the data. When two organizations (such as two schools) partner on the app, the Administrators of both organizations, as well as individuals entered as Teachers from either organization, will have access to the app’s information on the Students and Tutors.  An Administrator or Teacher may view data from a partner organization, but they may not edit it.

TC will have access to viewing all data on the app, but the information TC collects about users will not be shared by TC with third parties for commercial purposes.

TC may share anonymized data from the app with people or organizations outside of TC.

[Anonymization of data is a process that takes data and removes anything in it that could be connected with any one individual.  Here is one made-up example.  Suppose TC finds that the average number of hours delivered by high school volunteer tutors using the app in a specific country is 1.2 hours per week.  This data could be shared; however, the names of the tutors, the names of their students, and any other information that could specifically identify a certain individual would not be included.]

When a Student and Tutor are connected, it is expected that they will have tutor sessions. These sessions will either be delivered in-person or online.  As users of the TC Unicorn app, Students and Tutors will communicate with each other, and TC does not monitor those communications.

Students, Tutors, Teachers, and Administrators will also be able to send chat messages via the App (for example, for use in scheduling a tutoring session).  Such messages can be viewed by others with allowed access (such as the Administrator).  TC can access any chat messages sent via the app; however, TC is not monitoring such communications and is not responsible for their content.  TC does reserve the right to delete any user from the app if it deems that any communication from a user is inappropriate.

A parent or legal guardian of a child under the age of 13 may contact True Curriculum (at [email protected]) to review or correct the personal information that we have collected on their child. They may also request that we delete this information or stop the collection of further information. If a parent or legal guardian chooses to have their child’s personal information deleted, their child will no longer have an account on the TC Unicorn app and will no longer be able to use its services.  This will also occur if the Administrator decides that a Student or Tutor should be deleted from the App, or if True Curriculum deems it appropriate to delete a Student or Tutor from the App.

TC may from time to time make updates or modifications to its Privacy Policy.